Hideo Hosono

He received his Ph.D at 1982 in Applied Chemistry from Tokyo Metropolitan University, and became a Professor at Materials and Structures Laboratory (MSL), Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1999 via associate professors of Nagoya Institute of Technology, National Institute for Molecular Science and Tokyo Tech. In 2004. He moved to Frontier Research Center, Tokyo Tech, and was appointed to the founding director of Materials Research Center for Element Strategy on August 1, 2012. He is a member of Science Council of Japan.

Dr.Hosono proposed a design concept for transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors (TAOSs) with large electron mobility in 1996 and reported IGZO (InGaZnOx)-thin film transistors in 2003 and 2004. IGZO-TFTs have been applied to new iPad, smart phones, and large sized OLED-TV as the backplane to drive them and the discovery of an Iron-pnictide superconductor which was chosen as a breakthrough of the year 2008 by the Science Magazine. He has received various awards including a medal with purple ribbon (2008) and Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate in Physics (2013). He has published ~900 papers in SCI journals and citation of his papers is ~35,000 (h-index=77, web of Science) or ~50,000(h-index= 99, Google Scholar) and was chosen as a most-cited researcher. His major concern is design and exploration of novel active Materials (semiconductors, superconductors and catalysts).